Dorm Room Biz February Round Up

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At the end of each month I try, keyword there is try, to do a round up or wrap up type post that goes over some monthly stats including the income from the blog. Well, at the end of January that didn’t happen, so I am going to make it happen now.

Even at just 28 days long, February was a good month for me and Dorm Room Biz. Here are some of the updates and what is to come over the next month.

Moved my RSS feeds from Feedburner to Google – this was an automatic thing that happened the last time that I went to log in to Feedburner. I was asked to move them and went for it. Now, I’ll be able to manage my RSS feeds, Analytics, AdSense, AdWords, Analytics, and Gmail all from the same account. Sounds pretty nice to me! I haven’t been using it long enough to tell if the transition really has any effect on anything. If you are not subscribed via RSS, do so! Have any of you guys experienced problems with the transition or even good things come from it?

New Dorm Room Biz Theme – I know I’ve mentioned it before and eluded that something new was coming. Well, the time is finally here and in the next couple weeks it will be launched. I have a programmer assisting me with the WordPress customization and everything is going well. For an idea of what the site will look like, it will be based off of the Open Air theme from WooThemes. Look out for this exciting change coming soon!

More Videos! As you have probably noticed, I have started making and posting more videos. I love the way that the video blogging or “vlogging” arena is headed and definitely want to be involved in it. For this reason I have been utilizing my Flip video camera more than ever shooting different videos for blogging tips, business tips, and interviews. Keep coming back or subscribe to the RSS feed (or email updates) to catch them all. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates of posts.

New Advertisers on Dorm Room Biz – I’m happy to welcome as a new advertiser on Dorm Room Biz. If you are looking for a “green” way to do your businesses billing and invoicing online, then I suggest you check out GreenerBilling. They have some great updates coming to their site soon and we will be putting together a full in depth review of the site shortly. Also, back with us for another month are the great guys over at Uprinting with some links in the sidebar. If you need printing services, check them out. I recently got some postcards printed with them and they turned out great!

Chance to Meet other Young Entrepreneurs – With February came Yanik Silver’s Underground 5 held in Washington D.C.. Although I didn’t attend the actual conference I did head down to D.C. to meet Michael Dunlop who was over from the U.K., as well as Ryan Allis, and some other young entrepreneurs. I love networking and meeting new people, and try to take advantage of it any time I can, so if you are ever in the Washington D.C. or Baltimore, MD areas for a conference, event, or whatever, feel free to drop me an email or tweet and we can try to get together!


Now, on to the blog income. This will be a little skewed because I had an advertiser pay for 2 months up front but everything else should be pretty solid amounts. This detail is also a rough estimate and a combination of Dorm Room Biz as well as a couple other sites of mine.

Private Advertisers: $100.00
Product Commissions: $22.50
CashCrate: $26.61
Text Link Ads: $12.76
Adsense: $7.25
TOTAL: $169.12


I think that’s pretty much all I have for this update. I do have some exciting news that I’ll be sharing in a separate post but just know that it should affect the blogging that happens here on Dorm Room Biz for the better!

If you’d be interested in writing a guest post, I’m always open to them! Drop me a line.

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