Dorm Room Biz July Earnings and other ramblings

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It’s about that time for me to do I know I am late on this but here is the monthly income earnings report for the past month of July [anyways]. Throughout July, I earned money through the following revenue streams:

Market Leverage – $27.55
CashCrate – $7.88
Sponsored Reviews – $9.75
Text Link Ads – $25.48
Google Adsense – $15.71
ReviewMe – $5.00
Blogrolled – $11.00
Totaling: $102.37

Very close to the $100/month mark again this past month. I had a few different opportunities to make some more money this past month through Dorm Room Biz by doing more paid reviews and sponsored posts, but with being really busy at work, taking a few days off to go to the beach, and now with my desktop computer messed up, I haven’t had the motivation to blog when I get home from work. However, I want to get that changed back around to continue to increase the earnings during August. My goal is to reach $150 for the month if not more.

This past month also saw 20 posts with about 25 comments. The most popular post for the month being Should you show your Categories and Archives within your sidebar?

In other news…

The hard drive in my desktop computer is completely fried and dead. I had to buy a new one last night and will be installing tonight. Hopefully I will have an operational desktop computer by Monday with programs reinstalled. Luckily, as things started to get screwed up, I moved all of my files that was stored on my computer to my external hard drive. However, I did not get a chance to make backup and archive files of my emails – so I have lost pretty much all of my client emails for my website design business and all of my emails related to eBay. My eBay emails aren’t a big deal too much because most of that stuff is backed up through eBay yet loosing all my client emails is a big problem! So…lesson learned…constantly back up your files AND email!

LOOKING FOR SPONSORS! I am compiling sponsors for the upcoming contest here at Dorm Room Biz. If you have any ideas or would like to sponsor something of your own (EntreCard credits, books, money, gift cards, anything) please get at me – chris @

Other big news is that I earlier this week I became a PowerSeller on eBay. That basically means that for 3 consecutive months I had sales over $3000 total. I am happy about this because it opens up more opportunities for me such as better search placement with eBay searches, access to the PowerSellers product sourcing area, and more! Now I just need to keep it up and grow my sales each month!

Finally, I have my new business bank account set up! I am excited about this because I can start to keep better track of my expenses and income. All of my blogging, eBay, and web design related money will flow into this account. I am also waiting on my sales and use tax number and certificate to arrive. This will help me secure products for eBay at discounted prices and tax free; which is nice!

More posts to come soon. However, keep a little more up to date with me by following me on Twitter. I try to use Twitter while at work and interact with people, so follow me and start talking!

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