Down to Business: Earlier the Better

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Creating a business plan takes time, which many college students don’t have much of. As you attend classes and work towards your degree, you should also think about developing your business and marketing plan. Assuming you want to open a business of your own after graduation, you need to start thinking about it now. You may be wondering how you will balance classes, activities and creating your plan. Below you will find some helpful tips and unique suggestions.

What to Include in Your Plan

Even though many business/marketing plans are created to obtain financing, you don’t want to cater your plan just to what those with money are looking for. Some of the most unique and innovative ideas throughout history came from individuals unwilling to compromise their plan. Most of these entrepreneurs struggled to convince others to invest in their ideas, as well.

As you write your plan, make sure to include all of your ideas. You can always trim it down, as you get closer to starting your business. Including all of your ideas now, might help you later on. Unique ways of marketing including using a digital marketing firm and different ways of reaching your target audience should be included. You may need to explain why you think one type of marketing might work better than another, but remember, this is your plan, not the plan of those with the money.

A Few Helpful Tips

1. Mini Recorder
Often, entrepreneurs are very creative people and it can be difficult to know when an idea will run through your mind. Carrying a mini recorder can allow you to record any idea you come up with at any time. You may go back later and realize the idea was crazy and won’t work, but you could also go back and find a great idea that you might have forgotten without the recorder. Carry it everywhere you go and you won’t need to worry about forgetting any more of those brilliant ideas.

2.  Explore the Road Less Traveled
If entrepreneurs didn’t take chances and didn’t look at things differently, our world would be much different. Computers, the internet, many websites, social media sites and a number of other businesses came from crazy ideas nobody thought would ever succeed. By looking at marketing techniques and advertising opportunities others don’t use, you might find something that fits perfectly with the idea you plan to hatch into a business.

3.  Carve out Time
As you attend classes, work a job, pad the resume with activities and enjoy your time during college, you might find it hard to create your business plan. Scheduling regular time specifically for developing your plan can lead to graduating with a plan ready for implementation. Even just an hour a week can make a huge difference. You can schedule it as another class in your schedule and find a place on campus away from your dorm or apartment to work.

4. Revise, Revise, Revise
Your plan may start as a simple brainstorming session, but as you continue carving out time to develop it further, you will need to revise it. Whenever you feel stuck or you feel as if you don’t know where to take your ideas next, go back to the beginning and revise the plan. Often this will lead to new ideas to explore and help you develop your plan further.

Your schedule may already be filled with classes and activities, but your business/marketing plan will lead you to the career you plan to enter into. Running your own business has to start somewhere and it can start in college, as you develop your ideas into a plan. Once your plan is complete, you can start implementing it, one-step at a time, until you become the proud owner of a successful business.

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