eBay Success Series – Part 3

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What’s next you may ask… Taking it to the next level and starting to sell! This can be the most exciting part. Selling your items on eBay is a relatively simple process, it is more of the waiting period while your auction is listed that can be hard to deal with. The waiting time just kills me! I constantly find myself refreshing the “My eBay” page so that I can check the time left on my auctions, the number of watchers, and the current bid price.

Getting your actual auction design down can be something that takes some time and effort to perfect. My suggestion is to just start small. Simply use the interface provided by eBay to list your auction. Listings can support HTML, so if you are familiar with it, feel free to throw in some different text colors or a link to your other items for sale. After you make a couple first sales with using just a generic design, feel free to start experimenting!

A great resource for designing and managing your auctions is eBay’s Turbo Lister. This program, that runs from your desktop instead of through your browser on the eBay website, allows you to keep track of all your listings and to better edit your listing design. Using the program will allow you to add colors, images, and formatting to your auction. These added options (which do not cost anything) will definitely help your auctions appear more professional and give you better chances of selling your items. If you are going to be taking eBay by storm and listing a lot of auctions, you can also “duplicate listings” and then you only have to edit just the main details of your listing. This allows you to keep all the same shipping and payment policies and the same overall design. All you need to change is the auction title, category, and actual item description.

There are also many different companies that offer auction listing services such as Andale.com which will help you with image hosting, picking categories for the items, item pre-fill information, and inventory management. This of course will cost you a small fee based on the amount of listings you will need per month (40 listings/month = $7.50, 110 listings/month = $16.95, and more).

Once you have your auction design figured out, all you have to do is keep listing your items and making money! Don’t forget to pay your monthly bill though for listing fee’s and final value fee’s.

Cheer’s to your success! I will be writing more about my eBay ventures in the very near future (probably this week sometime), so be sure to keep an eye out!

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