EntreCard has new features and is giving away free credits!

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In case you have not heard, EntreCard is now allowing its users to add more than one blog to their account. I personally feel this is a feature that should have been standard from the beginning. Having to create multiple accounts for each different website you want to run the widget on would be a major pain in the butt, but I am sure some people did it.

However, now you can easily add more than one blog to your EntreCard account and control everything from a single dashboard.

Besides this great new feature, EntreCard also released a new eBook that will allow you to learn all about EntreCard and how to use it. If you haven’t yet signed up for EntreCard or just did, then this eBook is for you! Even though I have not read it yet, I would bet that any EC user would benefit from reading through the book, and heck, it’s only 20 pages, so you should be able to do that pretty quickly! You can download the ebook here.

Although it’s not really a contest, but more of a giveaway, the boys at EC are also running a contest for those who blog about the new features that they have implemented. Just by blogging about the new ebook and new features, they will deposit 2,000 free credits into your account. That is great news if you are looking to grab a nice advertising spot on sites like John Chow, ProBlogger, or Tyler Cruz.

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