Friendships That Last A Lifetime, Cherish Them

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Just a quick random thought post for now. This past weekend I headed down to Radford University to meet up with some of my fraternity brothers that graduated in May and join our currenty collegiate brothers in welcoming a new group of pledges into the fraternity as brothers. It was an absolute blast to see many people I had not talked to since May.

It is crazy how relationships and friendships will last so long and always be there no matter how long you go without speaking to someone, even when it is not on purpose. Of course, with sites like Facebook and Twitter, you have no real excuse to not at least try to stay in contact with people.

If you’re still a student in college, I strongly encourage you to join an organization, a greek organization, or anything else that you can get involved in. Obviously some will be better than others or benefit you more than others, but any involvement will help you evolve as a person and make new friendships.

If you’re looking to start a business, look for organizations that will benefit you the most – service fraternities, collegiate entrepreneurs organizations, business clubs, business fraternities, etc. From being involved in my fraternity I have learned so much, had so many great experiences, and made so many life long friendships. I truly am proud to call many of those people brothers and family.

Get involved at your university or college and enjoy the time you have there. Then, when you graduate, go back and visit, help others, and give back so that the students after you can have the experiences that you did.

What are you involved with at your school?

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One Response to Friendships That Last A Lifetime, Cherish Them

  1. Bobby December 10, 2008 at 12:27 am #

    Just think – if it wasn’t for the organizations we probably wouldn’t have gotten to know each other more than just being acquaintances… let alone kicking ass nationally šŸ˜‰

    Great post Chris, definitely brings something to mind that a lot of us think about upon graduating!

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