Get Organized for 2006!

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Neville’s Financial Blog brings some great tips on trying to stay organized and the ways that work for him (and some that I even use!). I would definitly suggest checking out the full article, but here is the one that I live by daily!

Favorite method: Sticky Note Chain.
I’ve experimented extensively in this area, and nothing comes close to a sticky note. I’ve tried Palm Pilots and computer calendars to no end….but nothing beats the sticky note.
sticky note train
Instead of setting my day hour-by-hour, I just write down TASKS. This way I can easily compensate for unexpected new tasks. If I don’t finish the list, I don’t sleep.

On top of using the sticky notes, I always carry around a legal pad that also contains my to-do list. This way, before each class, I am able to referrence to it and add anything that may have come up or corss off something accomplished. Its a great feeling to cross of an accomplished task with a Sharpie marker!

Check out Nev’s full article here.

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