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First, I’m sorry I had to write this out – I had a nice video review of everything that Dormzy sent to us and talking about their service. But the file got corrupted somehow so now I’ve got to share the Dormzy experience with everyone this way…lame! Video makes this so much better!

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of, then you need to check them out. Recently they sent us a package of goods that students and young professionals normally order from their site. Dormzy is an online ordering platform for all your grocery, health & beauty products, household items, and snacks. You order directly on their site and within a few days, everything arrives at your doorstep.

The service is perfect for college students. When I started college, I didn’t have my own car and our school’s bus service was pretty shotty. So I had to rely on friends for rides to the local big box store or food store to get the essentials – ramen noodles, water, soda, mac & cheese, etc. Obviously this becomes a pain because you are relying on other people to help you out and their schedules. But, now with Dormzy and other similar sites, you can order the food, snacks, drinks and health products that you need right from their website and they will ship them to you…and at a great rate.

The guys over at Dormzy were kind enough to send us a box of goods to see the vast array of products they offer. Included in our package were snacks (chips, granola bars, cookies, crackers), microwavable meals, drinks (Red Bull and Vitamin Water), body wash, Advil, and probably some other items that I can’t remember at this point.

Everything was well packaged, in perfect condition, and there were no issues of leakage from any products. If I had ordered the items myself, I would have been pretty satisfied with the experience. A big tip of the hat to Dormzy for providing free shipping on orders over $49 since it should be pretty easy for anybody to pick up a few items and reach that threshold.

My favorite thing about Dormzy, besides the huge selection is that anyone can order from this online general store. Not a college student? No problem. Not a young person straight out of college? No problem. Are you a parent of a college student? Order from the site and have it shipped directly to your kid. It couldn’t be easier.

Again, a big THANKS to Dormzy for sending us some products to check out and share the experience with our readers. We look forward to following the company over the next few years as they grow and expand to carry more products.

Now, get over to and check out their huge selection of thousands of products! Check them out on Facebook too to see if they may be visiting a college near you!

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