Getting a Mac? Get a sweet deal on Adobe products too!

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Just a real quick note today, folks!

Did your laptop take it’s last breaths on you while finishing up this past semester at school? In the market for a new Macbook Pro or other Apple Mac product? Are you ALSO looking to buy Adobe Creative Suite (CS6)? THAN KEEP READING!

Right now students can get an additional $100 off of CS6 when they buy a new Mac. Sweet right?

Well, in case you did not know, students can already save a ridiculous $1,450 on Adobe’s Creative Suite 6. So now this just sweetens the deal.

You can get this deal in the store or online, so be sure to mention to the nerd you talk to in the Apple store. Head to the Apple website for more details and to get the additional savings online – Just enter your zip code and select your academic institution.

This deal brings the education price for the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard package down to just $249.95!

Now, go forth and create awesomeness with your big savings and new design programs!

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