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You’ve heard the phrase a million times when it comes to gift giving for your colleagues at the office. How many times have you heard “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” While most colleagues are sincere, chances are a few co-workers are thinking “What am I going to do with this?”

There are better ways to make the holidays more enjoyable around the office when it comes to the Christmas gift season. By keeping the focus strictly on work, the chances are reduced that someone won’t like your giving gesture. A tie that clashes with your boss’s suit may earn a frown from the head honcho, but pens or pads of office paper featuring the company name and the boss’s name and title can be put to great use.

Specialized office gifts may sound dull and commonplace, but the reality is these gifts are practical and may be used with enthusiasm. Everyone can make notes utilizing an office pad of paper. You need pens or pencils to write down information.

Of course, you don’t need to keep the office focus strictly on work. If you work with several people on a daily basis, chances are you’ve observed their eating and drinking styles. Do your fellow employees like munching on fruit? Buy a gift basket for the office loaded with apples, bananas, oranges and other healthy goodies. Coffee drinkers might like specialty coupons. They don’t have to be generic. Starbucks are located on nearly every corner these days, but other specialty coffee shops exist.

Do your colleagues like the latest in electronics? Inexpensive hardware like phone chargers and office radios with small headphones may be appreciated. People who use old versions of popular computer software may appreciate the newer versions, which have more features and bells and whistles for workers to enjoy.

Does your boss have a flair for the dramatic? Does he or she like to stamp the company name on his memos? Personalized monogrammed stamps are a great gift idea for bosses that want to put their own personal imprint on company letterhead or memos. If you personalize the gift it means more to your boss or colleague than just something that suggests you didn’t give a lot of thought.

The key here is to think outside the box. It is one thing to give ordinary office gifts. If you do, it shows you just took a list, didn’t bother to check it twice, and went out and crossed each item off without thinking.

Observe. There are ways to be crafty without coming right out and asking what someone likes. The more you know about your colleagues and what they like, the better off you will be when it comes to ordering Christmas gifts and making your holiday season memorable.

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