Goal Setting

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“Move on forward toward your goal; powerful people who previously stood in your way are now no match for your passion” – Aries Horoscope 10.19.2005

A few weeks ago, I had received that message via a text message as my horoscope for the day. Goal setting is an extremely important task for younger students and entrepreneurs to grasp and full understand as well as use.

The following is a Top 10 Checklist of Goal Setting that I heard at a presentation put on by a college recruiter from NVR Homes. I think that many are excellent things to keep in mind and put into play when setting your goals.

I encourage you all to take a couple minutes and jot down 5-10 of your short and long term goals. Then go ahead and read through the checklist.

10. Your most important goals must be yours.
9. Your goals must be meaningful.
8. Your goals must be specific and meaningful.
7. Your goals must be flexible.
6. Your goals must be challenging and exciting – step out of your comfort zone.
5. Your goals must be in alignment with your values.
4. Your goals must be well balanced.
3. Your goals must be realistic.
2. Your goals must include contribution.
1. Your goals must be supported:
-Tell everyone what your goals are so there is some pressure.
-Tell a few people (close friends) and have support but not necessarily the let down or discouragement incase you don’t reach your goals.
-Telling no one leads to internal motivation.

Now take a look at your goals that you wrote down, how did you do? Did the goals you wrote follow some or all of the principles and items on the checklist? Not that it is absolutely necessary for all of the items to be reflected in your goals, if you have considered some of them, then I feel you can be a lot closer to achieving your goals.

Best of luck!

(Note: This was originally posted at my other blog, A Crash Course In Entreprenuership)

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