Great Options To Put Your Diploma On Display!

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With the fall season here and winter break quickly approaching around the country, one thing many students are thinking about is winter graduation. If you among those hitting “the real world” in January, congratulations and good luck! Perhaps check out some of our archives for student business ideas to start or tips of cleaning up your Facebook profile for job interviews.

Now, as long as your school does mess up the spelling on your diploma like my alma mater did last summer, then you’re going to need a quick ass frame to display it in. There are TONS of options available – those from your on campus bookstore, your off campus bookstore probably has some too, but why not expand your options some? The bookstores always have those pretty basic frames with enough room for your diploma and that’s it. Maybe there will be one option with a picture in it, if you want to sell a kidney to be able to afford it!

As a website for young entrepreneurs, I certainly don’t recommend going into debt to pay for your diploma frame. Let’s take a quick comparison of my alma mater’s bookstore offering and the great deals at DiplomaDisplay. The “traditional”, kinda of standard frame, with a matte background and college name costs about $150 at the on-campus bookstore. The same frame at Diploma Display is only $119, not a bad little savings. But let’s look at the better college diploma displays, those that have a picture of a great building on campus like your library or other iconic picture. The bookstore’s offering for a frame with a picture of the library is $230… yes you read that right…for a frame that hangs on your wall…collecting dust! Now, our friends at Diploma Display have that same type of frame, which the same exact picture, for $150; now that sounds much better! No need to sell a kidney at that price!

Besides great frames and displays, DiplomaDisplay also great gifts for graduates including tassel frames, Kukui Nut Lei’s, as well as a partnership with Tassel Toppers.

So, what kind of diploma display are you going to be picking up to frame your very expensive piece of paper?

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