How To Execute Niche Marketing With Promotional Products

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Businesses often order promotional products like pens, mouse pads, and coffee mugs as if they are on auto-pilot. It seems these items are a given in people’s perceptions of what they need. Unfortunately when you buy items without really planning their use they get little use and you still get the bill. Did you know you can even sell your merchandise online? You can! Or you can sell them to people you meet on the street if you own one of these new exciting square merchant account! These let you make transactions right on your phone.

So, how do you choose and use the right promotional products for your business? It’s not as hard as you are over-thinking it. What are you waiting for? Let’s look at a few nice options right now!


Is your business unhealthy? If you are a fast food place or something equally unhealthy then this option may not be your best choice, or maybe it is if you play it right and make an addition or two to your menu.

You can have insulated lunch bags, canvas totes, drawstring bags, and water bottles done with your company logo and fun fitness related slogan. Talk to a local gym and see if they will give them away. You can add a “free” coupon to encourage redemption.


Is your business going — or has already gone, green? That’s great! Now help your customers/clients/prospects jump on the band wagon or at least make them aware that you have. Post a notice in your store or office, use green(er) products for your business dealings (people will notice).

Most promotional companies now offer items that are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable themselves. You can also get involved in community “green” events as a sponsor and pass out personalized canvas bags with information on the environment and your company.


Customers like gadgets. In our tech savvy world senior citizens and preschoolers alike are not immune to the draw of a gadget, especially if it’s free. Gadgets can be anything from flashlights to flash drives all made to include that beautiful logo of yours.

Promotion companies offer such a wide variety of objects it is amazing. A favorite these days is flash drives that look like credit cards. You can have your logo and contact info on one side like a business card, and company info or special promotional offer codes on the other. In addition, many of these you can have pre-loaded with word files, images, videos, etc.

Who Cares? You Do!

Caring for a cause is a great way to generate business. people like to do business with businesses that care about the same things they do. What’s the big cause in your area? The more local the better.

Sponsorships often get your logo on the host’s promotional materials. In addition to what you get for being a supporter, join the effort further by passing out your own cause worthy swag.

Media Matters

Getting chummy with your local media representatives and personalities is always a plus. What do you do or have to offer that is or can be newsworthy? Make it so! In the meantime, make some friends in high places, learn about advertising, and ask about sponsorship opportunities for events.

If you can get involved with a few high profile, media sponsored events be sure to bring lots of promotional items to pass out.

Tapping into niches to find your riches just might be what the company doctor ordered. Think simply. Look around you. What do your current clients have in common? What lifestyle goes along with your company’s product or services? There’s your niche!

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