How To Help Staff Who Are Having Personal Problems

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It’s important to make your staff feel like you value them as people. They need to know that the company they work for appreciates them. You’d be surprised how many employees are just treated as statistics by their bosses. Now, you need to make sure you are a better business manager. And these are some ways you should approach your staff if you know they’re having personal problems.

Be Sensitive

First up, you need to be sensitive, and considerate of their situation. Now, this might be something you struggle with if you feel like you aren’t good at talking to people. But, this is something you’re just going to have to work on. It’s important to approach this sort of situation with care and attention. You don’t know what the situation might be that is affecting them. So you need to be sensitive and patient with them. Make sure you are as understanding as possible. Take them aside and have a chat with them. Let them know that you, and the business, are there for them.

Talk to Them

When you do approach them, you need to make sure you talk to them. Sometimes in these situations people are looking for a friendly ear. As the boss, it’s important that they feel they can come and talk to you about anything. You don’t necessarily have to play agony aunt for them. A lot of the time it will just be to do with listening to what they have to say. Speaking with them lets them know that you care and that they have someone in the business to turn to. They need to know that they don’t have to worry about being upset and taking time out from their day to have a break and regroup. Make this clear to them as much as you can.

Enter Them into an Absence Management Program

There are some business tools you can use that might be very useful in this kind of situation. And one of the best ones is to enter your staff into some sort of absence management service from Health Assured. This can be used to track the wellbeing of your staff, and to help them deal with any problems they might have. It’s essential for helping them through their situation in a professional and caring manner. It means they are more likely to be back at work in a shorter timeframe. And they will be in a much better frame of mind as well.

Be Flexible

It’s important to be flexible with your staff in these sorts of situations. If there are problems going on at home, these will, of course, come first for them. They might need to take days off here and there, or finish early. You need to try to be flexible and put yourself in their shoes. This is an excellent way of showing yourself to be a caring boss. And you’re allowing your employees to deal with their problems without having to worry about their job security.

This guide should help you to approach any sensitive issues surrounding your staff. You need to make sure you do the best you can for them because they are a valued asset to the company.

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