How to Shape Your Own Management Style

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If you are a new manager, you know the responsibility on your shoulders. It is up to you to gather your employees and get them working at a productive rate. You have to oversee everything to ensure customers are happy and things are getting done like they should. In order to really be a strong manager, you should adopt your own management style.


Understand the Types of Managers

Managers are often grouped by the way they manage. An article from NEC notes that managers usually fall into three different categories: authoritative, visionary and nurturing. Authoritative managers tend to be very direct and may “rule with an iron fist.” Visionary managers have set goals and a clear communication style with a focus on the big picture. Nurturing managers tend to be more focused on each individual to ensure everyone is on track. You don’t have to adopt one of these styles, though, you can mix them and come up with something that better suits you and your situation.

Develop Your Style

As you begin to define what type of manager you are, you should think about how you want your employees to see you and how you want to interact with them. For example, do you want to maintain a separation where you are clearly their superior, or do you want them to look at you as part of the team. How your company culture is defined will really help you in making this decision.

You also should think about how your employees work best. Are they able to work very independently, or do they need someone constantly driving them? You want to ensure they are as productive as possible, so make sure your management style is focused on motivating your employees in the way that works best for them.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes you will need to draw inspiration from elsewhere. One area where you can find this is in public policy. This area is focused on helping people in general, which is essentially what you are doing as a manager. For example, NEC Online lists things a person can do to learn more about public policy, like working in a non-profit or becoming involved in environmental matters. When you do things like this, you can see how these teams work together to accomplish goals, which can be a great example for how you can work with your own team. You could do this in any sector, but because public policy allows opportunities to volunteer, it makes it a good field. Volunteering enables you to take note of how you are being managed and lets you get an idea of what you like in a manager, so you can make that part of your own style.

Creating your management style is something that will take time. You may have a natural pull towards a certain style, but what will make you a good manager is your ability to create a management style that gets your employees working efficiently while boosting morale. Happy employees naturally do better work. If you have a good management style, you find this is easy to do.

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