Is It Possible To Set Up A Business With Bad Credit?

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Setting up a business can be a hard and challenging time. It can also be a wonderful and exciting time. The amount of power in each of these categories will depend on your situation before you open your business’s operation. Are you financially stable? Do you have good relationships? Do you have clean facilities to conduct your business? How is your credit?

This final question can be an interesting one to ask. Sometimes the entrepreneurial ambition can overcome the general feeling of worrying about a credit score, particularly if you’re trying to start your own business from a dorm room. We’re here to shed some light on this matter, and hopefully help you understand how to proceed:


While you can start a business with bad credit, it can be difficult to. Finding suppliers, establishing secure investments and gaining loans can all be hard to do when your credit score could use improvement. However, that doesn’t mean that as your start your business you can’t take care of this immediately. Sometimes, running a humble business can help you begin consolidating your debts and improving that score immediately. There are many attractive debt consolidation loans for bad credit, and the strength of a small and low-operation cost business at your back can help you fund those repayments in a strong way. If you’re hoping to get out of the hole you are currently in, this can be one of the best and most responsible ways to proceed.

Small Business

The appeal of running a business out of your dorm room is the convenience in both cost and general overhead requirements. It’s not likely you have to pay for your office, and it’s very likely your humble IT setup is more than enough to get going. No small dorm room business is likely to become a professional manufacturing setup in a factory, so it’s unlikely that you need suppliers. In fact, most dorm room businesses are those hosted online through web domains, and provide some form of tangible or online service. None of that requires a favorable credit score to begin and maintain. Neither does building up client relationships through a form of self-branding, freelance and free ‘goodwill’ work.

While getting a loan and expanding your operation might be a goal in the near future, there’s no reason why securing your new methods of income is impossible or not desirable. You just have to believe in yourself and operate within certain humble parameters.

Make Use Of Free

While you might not be able to acquire your own high-speed internet plans thanks to a lack of credit, you can still use your dorm or public WiFi. You can still use your bicycle to meet people in person. You can still operate a cost-effective website online through a firm such as Squarespace or Domainhoster. There is always, always, always a low cost or free option, and with online availability and utility as expansive as it is, you do have a massive amount of free room to set up something truly special. Sometimes, when the investors come peeking around, the fact you’re a self-starter can be more important than a cell-phone bill or rent gone unpaid.

With these tips, you should hopefully feel more secure in your ability to go out and achieve your business dreams.

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