Keep tabs on your belongings…and children…and solve a murder.

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With the evolution of GPS systems, software, and technologies, you can pretty much track anything via satellites and a computer. Want to install a tracking system on your car or truck? Sure. What to track your kids while you are at work? Sure. Want to help solve a murder? Sure. There are many companies out there developing GPS tracking technologies that will allow you to place or put a device on just about anything and track it with Google Earth, pretty cool huh?

One of those companies is LandAirSea Systems Inc. They have been in the business for nearly 15 years and are a leader in the technologies and products being developed in GPS tracking. Their technology utilizies the 24 Department of Defence satellites that are orbiting the earth. The result of using so many satellites is being able to accurately pin point someones position within 2.5 meters of their exact location. You can download the tracking logs from your device onto your computer and see everything in Google Earth through the satellite images, watching ever turn you made and every location you stopped.

To accomplish this tracking, there are a few differen devices that Land Air Sea offer. If you want to stay on the small side and more personal (as in if you want to track your daughters whereabouts while she is out with “friends”) you could us something like the GPS Tracking Key. Which as they say on their website “is like having a personal Private Investigator at a fraction of the price.” The tracking key can tell you route traveled, speed, direction/orientation,time en route, arrival addresses, duration of stop.

They also offer devices that can be attached to your car, some that come with attennas for better tracking and reception.

If you want to keep tabs on someone or know where your car is incase it gets stolen, then think about picking up a gps tracking unit. The tracking key sells for around $200.

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  1. TheContestBlogger September 18, 2008 at 3:26 pm #

    Well, I guess Enid Blyton will be much more interesting if GPS were available at her time 🙂

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