Keep your pictures hidden on your computer with HidePhotos!

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Are you interested in keeping the pictures on your computer hidden and protected? I mean, I’m not saying that you need to hide your naughty picture collection, but just in case you wanted to; or any other pictures for that matter, here is a great program for you!

HidePhotos allows you to organize your digital pictures into different folders and then password protect the folders and keep everything encrypted and secure.

The program basically lets you keep your private pictures private and only you will be able to access them. You set a password up that only you can know and only you will be able to access your pictures with that password. And they are serious about this – there is no password recovery or anything with this program because they claim that it would be impossible to do. So, give yourself a password hint and remember your password otherwise, you might as well just delete your pictures instead of trying to protecting them because you will not be able to access your secret photos.

Here are the features as they are listed on the HidePhotos website –

  • Photo browser with Explorer-like interface.
  • Built-in full screen photo viewer
  • Image metadata displaying (EXIF details, image color format, resolution etc)
  • Quality slide show program with ability to select from hundred transition effects or select the random one
  • You can write your own description for each photo as well as assign text tags for it. Your comments can be optionally encrypted, but in this case you will be unable to search photos by their descriptions (unless you specify the correct password before starting the photo search)
  • Powerful photo search function
  • Easy to add new photos. You can add them as a group of photos from any drive, or add entire folders with photos or just drag your photos and from them to the folder you need
  • Multilingual user interface. Currently Hide Photos â„¢ is available in English, Dutch, German, Korean, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese(Brazilian), Spanish and Russian languages
  • Hide Photos â„¢ supports majority of image file formats including professional RAW photo format
  • Unlimited amount of folders, unlimited photo amount in one folder

So if you are looking for a way to encrypt your pics and keep them safe from everyone else…and maybe even yourself (don’t forget your password) then check out HidePhotos!

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