Make Money From Your Website With Google Search

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I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought about this earlier, but it is very easy to make money online with the Google Search portion of your Google AdSense account. Just about every blog and most websites have some sort of internal search for their site. This feature easily allows users to search for different terms, pages, or points of interest.Google AdSense

Well, most people just use a basic search system that may have been provided to them or that was already developed (a plugin, a pre-made script, whatever it may be) and are done with it.

But, if you configure your site’s search feature to utilize the Google Search bar code from your Google Adsense account, it is a great way to make some extra income. Utilizing the tool, you get paid for any search that happens through the search bar. As an example, I have a Google Search on one of my websites and although it does not get a lot of searches, within the last month or so, it had 16 searches done using it. This brought in a whopping $2.00. Now, that is $2 more than I would have had if I did not utilize the search feature.

Short story is if your site receives a lot of internal or external searches, get ahold of yourself and use the search feature from Google Adsense to help your make some more money online from your website! If your bringing in tens or hundreds of searches everyday, this amount will quickly add up!

Anyone already doing this and having success from it? I have seen a bunch of different popular bloggers using this method for their site’s search and will be implementing it in the future!

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