Marketing Gets Zoomed To The Next Level With Uzoom

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If you are into marketing your website, looking to provide great customer service, or just want to know who is visiting your site, then you need to consider Uzoom as a product for you to use. Uzoom is a provider of customer support chat and visitor tracking software based out of Hilton Head, SC. The Uzoom software includes the capability to put together a chat console and visitor tracking features. With the service you will be able to:

  • Live tracking console to view customers on your website.
  • Easy to invite customers to chat and for operators to accept chat requests.
  • Know where in the world your customers are.
  • Identify repeat customers and when they first visited your site.
  • Find the last page customers came from. If they came from a search engine it will display which engine and what keywords they used. It will also break down whether it was a paid or an organic placement.
  • Find the exact page your customer is on, in live time.
  • Find how long the customer’s session has been.

If you are curious as to what makes Uzoom better than some of its competition in the chat software market, then I suggest you check out their comparison page. They have a great breakdown of the features of their service and what others do not have. Without trying it or looking too deep into comparing it, it appears that they do reign supreme on the features side of things.

You are probably thinking that a service like this wold have to cost an arm and a leg, well you are only half right. If you are interested in trying out the service and being able to use it on just one website with one customer service operator, then you can run a 30 day trial for free. However, if you want to go deeper and really get into the many uses of the service, you are going to need more than 30 days to try everything out. the first pay plan, named the Professional Plan is priced at $59.00/month – this will give you the ability to use the service with 2 different websites and have up to 5 operators.

Now I being a one day show like myself or just a small business, you may not find a need to shell out that kind of monthly price, so only do it if you are incredibly serious about ramping up your level of customer service and want to offer chat support. Otherwise, if you just want to track basic information about your visitors (location, length of stay, where they came from, etc) then you may be well off using a free service such as Google Analytics.

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