Off To Florida For Four Weeks

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Hey everybody! So, here’s the deal. If you’ve been following me on Twitter the last couple weeks, you may have seen some tweets about this.

I’ve been bored at work, I mean really bored, and my manager knows it. So, a little more than a week ago she told me about an opportunity to go to a site we have outside of Orlando, FL for 4-6 weeks and asked if I wanted to go. I ofcourse was shocked by the offer and wanted to think it over and talk it over. So after finding out some more details this past Wednesday, I decided that I’d be accepting the offer. So, now, as you’re reading this, I’m either at the airport, in the air, or maybe have already landed in Orlando depending on what time you are reading this.

The travel plans were booked on Thursday and I’m off to Florida for 2 weeks, will be home in Maryland for 4 days, and then back down for another 3-4 weeks. I’m overly excited about it. The chance to take the trip, see a different part of the company, and sort of have a vacation was one that I could not turn down….besides, everything is paid for and I won’t have to spend a dime (except on booze of course).

So, I want to meet you. Any and all readers of Dorm Room Biz that live in the Orlando area, I want to try to meet up, have a tweetup, or just grab a beer. I’ll actually be staying in the Maitland area but could of course meet anywhere in that area.

If you’re around and would like to try to meet, leave a comment or send me an email or a direct message on Twitter.

I’ll be blogging and making videos while there and will probably be writing more while I’m there than I have been just because I won’t have much else to do! Look forward to some good content coming from that!

Have a great 4 weeks everone, I know I’ll be enjoying the 70+ degree weather!

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