Quick Update on the Dorm Room Biz Contest

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It has been almost two full weeks since the contest went live and I must say, WOW what a response! This started off a bit slow but by the end of the first week there were about 10 entries. Now, we are at more than 40 comments and entries for the contest! That is awesome. There is a trick to how I got such a large jump in the last couple days, and I’ll share that either this weekend or next week with a video blog.

With the new entries came a few new offers for sponsorships. These two addition books are now up for grabs:

Digg It! If you haven’t already, please give the contest a Digg. Although we won’t make the front page or anything, every bit of exposure helps to grow the site and get more people involved!

Also from the new entries, I have been getting some great emails from new readers that love the site and want to help it grow, so thank you to everyone for your support! With this, I will be conducting some new interviews and other having some new posts to work on.

If you have already entered by leaving a comment on the original post, then your next step should be to blog about it and send a track back to the page about it. Without sending a trackback or leaving a comment with the blog post URL, I won’t know about it…so be sure you get me the address of the post!

If you are a new reader and visitor to the site – welcome! If you like what you see and the target audience for the site, I am always looking for guest bloggers. So if you have a post in mind you’d like to write, get in touch with me.

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2 Responses to Quick Update on the Dorm Room Biz Contest

  1. Mrs. Accountability September 15, 2008 at 10:29 pm #

    Chris – on September 5th you said you’d share how you got the “large jump” for interest in your contest and you’d share your answer with us “this weekend or next” and just wanted to ask when you were planning to share that as both those weekends are already gone. 😉 Come on over to my blog and enter for a chance to win a few prizes – I’m having my 1st blogoversary contest!

  2. Chris September 15, 2008 at 10:44 pm #

    Well that sure is a good point! Time has gotten away from me – no surprise there! I’ve been gearing up to go on the road this coming weekend and this past weekend I spent with my Fiance. Look for that update coming before Friday…I promise. Thanks for reading! I’ll check out your contest.

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