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Looking for a great way to get some exposure to your website? Why not purchase a ReviewMe ad and have a review written here on Dorm Room Biz? Today comes a review of a website called QuickSupply.net which is a supplier of postal scales at amazing prices.

Quick Supply is a distributor / reseller of scales for several manufacturers. We work with Mettler Toledo, Detecto, Weighmax, My Weigh, Jennings and Pelouze. We are based in Temple, TX and market throughout the entire country. We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of scales, at the lowest possible prices. 

After poking around the website, they really do have a very large selection scales including shipping scales, postal scales, food scales, precision scales and more. Their prices are pretty reasonable as well.

There are a lot of other resources out there for buying a scale, whether if be online or off, so I wanted to take a scale and compare it at a few different locations. With my eBay business, I purchased an Ultraship 35 lb Postal Scale.

I bought it on eBay for about $20-$25
Quick Supply has the scale for $34.99
Amazon.com has the scale for $28.99

However, as I searched around on other postal scale websites and stores, the prices all seemed to be pretty comparable, with maybe a $1 or $2 variance. So, if you are not the bargain hunter like myself, then the prices at Quick Supply, are definitely reasonable and affordable for your small business.

If you are looking to make some extra money and get into the world of selling scales, they even have an affiliate program that allows you to send visitors to their website and will track any purchases they make so that you get credit for them.

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