Registration Papers Filed!

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Good news everyone! I finally took the leap in registering Radford Auctions as an official company, a general partnership, and will hopefully be receiving notification in a couple weeks letting us know that everything is complete and we are a fully registered company. I have already filled out the Tax ID Number form at the IRS website, which instantly gives you your Tax ID Number. Once we get our registration completed, we will be able to set our business bank account up and really get Radford Auctions rocking and rolling.

On a side note, I recently wrote an entry about free press and how Radford Auctions was featured in a front page article in my school newspaper, The Tartan. I just wanted to share that good results are coming from that article as well. I have been receiving about 2-3 emails per week in reference to our eBay listing services.

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  1. Fred Schebesta October 23, 2006 at 5:50 am #

    Just wondering why you opted for the partnership instead of an incorporated company. Just to share a story I started in a partnership and it ended in tears because its always really hard to split up. If you are entering one I suggest you document your exit strategy before you sign the papers.



  1. » Blog Archive » Busy, Busy, Busy! - October 19, 2006

    […] I havent had as much time as I wish I could have to work on my projects including just writing articles for Dorm Room Biz over the past couple weeks. I have seen great success come from the article that my eBay business, Radford Auctions, was featured in where I am receiving about 2-3 emails per week from people looking to learn more about our services and wanting us to sell something for them. As I just quickly mentioned on Dorm Room Biz, I just filed our company registration papers and have also completed the online form for a Tax ID number. Once our registration returns, we will be able to go ahead with opening our business bank account and transfering our current funds from our personal accounts to this one central account. This will also allow us to keep better track of all our financials and our profits . […]

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