Relaunching Virginia Hiker

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About a year ago I started a project called Virginia Hiker which was growing to become a huge resource for outdoor folks looking to get hiking in Virginia. However, a it was abused and not updated for a while and when I would update the site, I would add a couple new trails or a new product review and then it would sit for another couple months before another update.

Well, its time to relaunch it and bring it back to life. When I was having problems with WordPress and my server transfers of Dorm Room Biz, I was also have trouble with Virginia Hiker. Since getting WordPress working on both hosting accounts, Virginia Hiker just kind of sat there with nothing on it. I am trying to get the old posts back up there, but if not, I am prepared to start from scratch.

So, I will be using the same theme as Dorm Room Biz, but changed up a little and with different colors. I have been thinking about branding my future sites using the same designs/themes and I really like the way that this WordPress theme from Solostream customizes and is laid out.

So, keep a look out for more updates coming about Virginia Hiker and if you like to be outdoors and live in Virginia, check it out!

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