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So, I have to admit that I actually signed up for ReviewMe a long time ago when the site was launched and never really visited it at all, if I had, I probably could have been making more money from it. Now, I wish I had checked it more often because my review prices would have gone up and I could have accepted more campaigns. Oh well, lesson learned.

Now, I find myself checking it daily if not more often to see if any new campaigns have come up or if my previous reviews were accepted. Although the payout so far has been minimal, I have been able to make enough money to keep Dorm Room Biz alive! So far since checking my account pretty much daily, I have picked up 5 reviews to publish, thee of which are alread written and published here, here, and here.

Even thought the inital payout for the campaigns that I have been able to pick may be small, I know that the money is worth the little bit of time it takes to write a 200+ word review of a website. I am hoping that as I continue to use the service and expose it here on Dorm Room Biz, I can get some more referral visits and sign ups.

So, how do you play the game?

  1. Sign up at
  2. Edit your account details, add your blog/website to the site with a description and othe rinformation as asked for.
  3. Wait for the site to get approved. This may take some time or you may get turned down the first time. This is not a problem. Wait a few weeks, build your site, and try again. As your website/blog grows and gets around more (sort of like that chick from your college dorm that was always at parties but never left with the same person), you will get picked up.
  4. Once your site gets accepted, start sharing with people the fact that your blog is available on ReviewMe for paid reviews.
  5. Wait for campaign offers to come along. If you get a campaign offer, go ahead and accept it. The payout may be less than your website’s “price” but you are making money. Right now I can only accept 10 campaign offers a month but I am not sure if this is standard or becuase I am just starting to become active on the site.

Basically, thats it! Just site back, relax, and wait for the review offers and campaigns come in. Advertisers select the websites they want reviews on within the ReviewMe system and when a review comes in you will be notified.

Anyone else using ReviewMe? Anyone having money making success with it?

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