Saxen Business Solutions Review

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If you live in the UK and are launching your business with an office, you are going to need office furniture. What a bummer right? Big expense, bulky items to put together? Did I mention HUGE expense? Well if this describes you, check out Saxen Business Solutions at They have a ton of different office and home furnishings that are affordable and sexy looking.

The wide range of items available goes beyond just office furniture. Saxen also carries home office furniture, stuff for your meeting and boardrooms, reception area furniture, office accessories, stationary, interior landscaping, and even warehousing equipment.

The website features a decent ecommerce design, nothing out of the ordinary, but when you are looking at furniture who needs a over the top design with bright lights and images flashing at you? OK I am sure some of you are reading that saying “I DO, ME, ME, ME”, well you won’t get that at Saxen’s website. The simple ecommerce design features furniture categories on the left and products displayed on the right, easy to navigate! Their system also allows you to sort the products by name from A-Z or Z-A or by price (by highest or lowest).

Their Live Help was offline when writing this, so I did not get a chance to try it out, however, they do have a decent set of Frequently Asked Questions that would answer your more generic concerns – yet they do give a phone number at basically every page you can call if you need help.

I like the site and if I was in the UK looking for office furniture I would give them a consider after comparing their prices with other furniture retailers. From doing a couple quick conversions of the prices, they seemed pretty reasonable compared to what you may see similar items priced here in the US.

Give them a look if you are in the need of some office furniture and live across the pond! UK mainland buyers only however since they do not ship outside of the mainland.

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