Second Life

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Is anyone a member of the Second Life community/virtual world created by Linden Labs? Check it out at if you havent heard of it.

Basically, Second Life is a huge virtual world where you can do anything, create anything, and sell anything you want to make Linden Dollars, which then translate to real money and can be deposited into your bank account. There are people who quit their full time jobs to make money by selling items in this virtual world. My best way to describe it is a combination of The Sims, eBay, and World of Warcraft (or other similar game).

I wanted to see if there was anyone on the forum because in the near future myself and a partner are going to be searching for programmers/scripters that may be interested in working on a large project focused on Second Life and creating different items inside of the virtual world.

I would love to hear the experiences that people have had with Second Life if you are a member, I only just joined the other day ago, so I am still new to it.

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