Spring Break Is Finally Here!

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It has been a bit slow here at Dorm Room Biz because of school working creeping up and ripping my head off. No seriously – my face is gone. Anyway….

Spring break is finally here! I leave tomorrow for a cruise and am super excited. So, to catch up things over the last week or so, here are some updates of what I have been up to and doing.

eBay Business
January and February were pretty decent months for my eBay venture – I did about $500 in sales each month. I don’t know the exact profit right now, but it should turn out pretty decent. I am looking to continue to expanding my product offering through a drop shipper that I am linked with. When I return from my break, I am going to be trying to list at least 5 new items in my eBay store a day so that I can get up to around 150 items just in my store and then continue to list items in the regular auction format. Increasing my product offering the in store will hopefully generate more sales. I have the ability to make a pretty decent profit off of the products offered by the drop shipping company that I use, so if I can start moving them more and more, sales will shoot right up. I also surpassed the 550 mark with positive feedbacks which is a great accomplishment. My ultimate goal is to reach 1200 by the end of 2008. Once I move home from school, I don’t think that will take too long.

ProfessionalGFX Website Development
After finishing up my latest project this week with Main Street Radford, I am going to be taking a break from accepting any new clients for my website development business. Basically, I do not have the time to currently focus on it and I need to be able to focus more energy and time on my last couple months of college. Without taking a new clients, that leaves me with about 6 current clients that I help out every now and then with small things and then also have one project that is going on right now. Look out for some more updates about that later on.

New Outdoor Gear Website Coming Soon!
As many of you know, I am very much into the outdoors and outdoor activities – camping, hiking, rock climbing, canoing, etc. With that, I am going to be relaunching a site I had created a couple years back into a new and better format. The site will be launching when I return from my stint without a constant internet connection this week. Already without much information on it and very little advertising, it is seeing some traffic and some AdSesnce revenue. This site just being active and live is what pushed me over to getting another AdSense check.

Spring Break Cruise!
Like I mentioned, I will be leaving for a week long cruise Saturday and won’t be back until the following Saturday. I am going to probably have my laptop with me on the cruise, yet we will not have any internet unless we use the ships internet cafe. I am going to attempt to write a couple posts in the evenings or something while sailing and try to get on a computer to post them during the week. We depart from Charleston, SC and will be headed to Cozumel, Grand Cayman Islands, and Key West, FL; then back to South Carolina to come back home. I will definitely have a follow up post as well as a bunch of pictures to share when I return!

For all of you other students and entrepreneurs that are going to be going on Spring Break this week, whatever you are doing, be safe and have fun!

Talk to all of you in a week!

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