Starting Your Business While Still in School: 3 Essential Apps

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College students are known for their enthusiasm and high energy levels. Because of this, college is often the best time to start a business. Further, there are a number of historical examples of top businesses that were founded while the founder was still receiving an education. The advent of powerful smart phones has given college students a useful tool to use for their businesses; here are three essential apps for starting a business while in college.

1) Campfire 

Success demands making connections with other collaborators, potential investors and clients. Campfire is useful for creating chat rooms where young business founders can interact with others in a secure, dynamic manner.

Campfire allows users to share files and make comments, and it is a great presentation platform when trying to find funding for the next great idea. With a bit of preparation, college students can make high-quality presentations in between classes or while taking a study break. Campfire also works with some existing customer relation management (CRM) platforms, and crm for mobile devices is expected to become a tremendous boon for both young and veteran entrepreneurs.

2) Google Calendar and Remember the Milk 

The most difficult problem college students face is organization, and students who are also starting a business will need to be proactive to ensure that they are successfully completing all of their necessary tasks. Google Calendars is an Internet-based calendar program that allows users to note important deadlines and events.

Remember the Milk works in conjunction with Google Calendar to send text messages or emails about important events. Forgetting a deadline can be the difference between securing necessary funding and losing it.

3) Square 

Payment processing can be a major hassle for those starting a new business. Credit cards are crucial for success, and finding an appropriate credit card gateway can be a slow and difficult process for new businesses. Square allows users to accept credit card payments for a 2.75 percent of the cost of transactions.

Other venues of credit card processing will eventually be cheaper options, but the reliability and mobility provided by Square allows young entrepreneurs to take payments from anywhere, and the lack of ongoing fees makes it easy to scale.

Starting a business demands boundless energy and late nights; in other words, it is perfect for college students. While enthusiasm and great ideas are necessary, it is also important to slow down on occasion and deal with the minutiae and planning. These apps and others can help convert a business from an idea to reality.

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