Student Biz Whizz: Why a Blog is The Perfect Dorm Room Venture?

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If you’re looking to set up a business from your dorm room and earn some money while you study, there are few better options than starting a blog. Unlike buying and selling businesses, there’s no need to store lots of stock, and unlike crafting businesses you’re not overrun with materials. This is useful when you’re working from a tiny dorm room! It’s a good way to earn money and you will have fun in the meantime too. Here’s why you should consider blogging as your dorm room venture.

It’s Inexpensive to Start

Setting up a Blogger or WordPress account is completely free, and while you will likely need to spend some money later down the line you can get setup without spending a penny. It can take a while to get established as a blogger, but while you create content and build up your site you don’t have to spend anything which is ideal when you’re a broke student. You only really need a computer and an internet connection to get started which is something you will already have as a student. Open social media accounts for your blog, and work on networking with other bloggers and creating lots of great content. This is how you can begin to build yourself up for future success. Later on, opportunities will come in from sponsors and you will start being offered paid work. This could be in the form of publishing a guest post written by a company, or writing a post yourself including a links and keywords of the company’s choice. You can also earn money from affiliate advertising, and banner ads too.

There’s Lots of Help Out There

To create a successful blog, what you really need to do is stand out from your competitors. To do this, it’s often worth seeking professional help- and once you start earning money you could invest some back into your blog. A marketing company can help you to improve your domain authority, boost your backlinks, teach you SEO techniques and other methods that will get your blog out there to the right people. IT companies can help you with your site itself, making sure things like errors are minimal and that your page is quick to load. There’s lots of help out there, and spending some money and reaching out to a professional company can help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s a Fun Hobby

As well as being a great way to earn money, blogging is also a fun hobby. It allows you the creative freedom to talk about all of the things you like (and those you don’t!) It helps to improve your skills, excellent writing and typing skills will always come in useful as a student. Plus you will be researching the topics you write about which you will also need to do when it comes to completing classwork too. Even things like basic coding can teach patience and encourage you to follow instructions to the letter as well, these are all fun to do but teach skills that are transferable to other areas in life.

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