The 5 Tools to manage projects and clients on a budget

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If you’re the student who has to step out of class to take a customer service call, this is for you.  First, I applaud you. Keep doing it because you’re getting (in most cases) a better education than that of your class.  While in school, I too was that student and found these tools to be extremely helpful.  It provided an outlet to manage the companies Social Media brand, communicate via email and take diligent notes during meetings that can be easily referenced.  There are tons of cheap, fantastic resources to manage your company.  All of these tools are web based, free or very cheap and are fantastic project management tools:

  • Free
  • Navigate through multiple applications
  • Collaborate with co-workers (scheduling, documents & presentations)
  • Fantastic user interface

  • Free again!
  • Manage multiple social media accounts
  • Great customer service and prospecting tool
  • Segment people you follow by groups
  • Track metrics and statics

  • Free again!
  • Save notes anywhere anytime: video, web clips, voice etc…
  • Sync mobile & desktop notes
  • Great video

  • Not free, but only $24/mo for basic
  • Manage multiple clients on a central platform
  • Dead simple to use
  • Web based
  • Calendars, power points or to do’s all in one place!

  • Back up all files on your company for $5/mo!
  • Connect to WIFI and Walla
  • Secure & safe

I’ve found that one of the biggest challenges of starting a company in college is learning how to manage time effectively.  There’s classes, homework, projects and oh yea…starting a company! The ability to prioritize and figure out what to do first is crucial. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding great accounting/invoicing software that isn’t a boat load of money. Freshbooks is an option but it’s primarily for invoicing, not accounting. I imagine these are only a few of the many great tools out there. I would love to hear some more recommendations, what do you use?

This is a guest post submitted by Brett Kopf who is the Co-founder of remind101 & Social Bonfire, @brettkopf

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