The Best Apps for Student Entrepreneurs

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Although America is currently in the midst of a recession, there are still many people dreaming of being their own boss and owning their own business. In fact, the entrepreneurial spirit in this country is so strong that many companies have added software applications to their Smartphone products that are specifically designed to help young entrepreneurs. There are five applications that are particularly useful.

1. The Bento application
This application allows its user to organize every aspect of their life. The mobile software has twenty-five different templates that can be customized to include such elements as personal and professional contacts, inventories, and schedules. This is a great tool for a student entrepreneur as it takes the initial difficulty of organizing information out of the equation. This element can be particularly overwhelming or difficult for a first-time entrepreneur. This application may be purchased from the Apple Application Store.

2. Evernote application
This mobile application allows a person to keep track of thoughts and ideas that they might have for their business. This is helpful as many young entrepreneurs are on the go with their Smartphones in tow and may not have time to find a piece of paper or notebook to record idea. All they have to do with this application is pull out their mobile device. The ideas may be saved in a text, picture, or audio format. It is available for free on many mainstream Smartphones such as Iphone, Android, and Blackberry.

3. Intuit GoPayment
This application pairs itself with GoPayment. With this application, an entrepreneur can accept payments from others using their Smartphone and have these payments deposited into a bank account. In order to accept the transaction; however, both the seller and buyer must be paying using a GoPayment account. The process is very quick and a person can choose to pay a monthly fee for this service. This simplifies an important aspect of the selling process for a busy, student entrepreneur. This application is available for purchase on most major Smartphone application stores.

4. Inventory Tracker
The Inventory tracker is an application that allows a person to keep track of all of their items that have been sold and need to be shipped, or the inventory that has yet to sell. It updates this information as it happens. This is very important for a person with a large inventory and needs some way to keep track of it all. This application is available for Iphones.

5. OmniVoice
OmniVoice is another sales application for Smartphones. It allows its user to easily create invoices and quotes. It calculates discounts, exemptions, and currency exchange. Invoices and quotes are a major part of many businesses and this tool simplifies the process in a way that caters to young entrepreneurs. This mobile application is available for the Iphone.

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