The Facebook Effect On Your Birthday; A Nice Way To Fill Your Inbox.

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Are you on Facebook? If you aren’t then you may be missing out…on what, I am not exactly sure, but you are missing out. Facebook offers the obvious networking opportunities and chances to stay connected with your friends from High School or College even after you graduate.

However, on top of staying in touch with your friends, Facebook is nice enough to let everyone know when it is your Birthday. Thanks Facebook, you truly have replaced the need for people to write birthday reminders on the calendars that hang on their walls… creepy.

Anyway, Tuesdayw, April 15th, besides being Tax day (did you get your taxes in on time?) was also my Birthday. So, here is what I call “The Facebook Effect“. Facebook let’s everyone know that it is your Birthday and then it somehow become a law that all of your friends have to write on your wall and wish you a Happy Birthday – even those that you have not seen or talked to in years. They seem to always pop in on your special day to say Hi.

Here is what my email inbox looked like at about 12 noon on my Birthday.

And of course, in accordance with my inbox, here is what my Facebook wall looked like throughout the day.

The one nice new thing about Facebook is that when someone writes on your wall, the email notification that you get also tells you what that person wrote. So, this removes the need to constantly be checking your wall every time you get an email to see what someone said. Talk about some lost productivity that was!

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