The Sworn Enemies of The Productive Blogger And How To Vanquish Them

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Blogging is a great way to flex your creative muscle through the art of wordsmithery. Box clever, however, and your humble blog could be a lucrative career that you manage alongside your studies or day job. While the blogger and vlogger game is a tough nut to crack, for sure, many productive bloggers have been able to monetize their blogs while using social media to cultivate a loyal and growing audience. Sure, it’s a pipe dream for many but with hard work, perseverance and consistency it’s a dream that anyone can make into a reality.

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That said, nobody ever claimed that it was easy. Like any student entrepreneurs, bloggers face a multitude of obstacles on a daily basis that could at best damage their productivity and at worst hobble your nascent dorm room business before it’s had the time to properly gestate. Avoid these sworn enemies of the productive blogger and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how lucrative your enterprise can be…


The internet lays the world bare at your fingertips. Any information known to man is readily available to you in seconds, It’s a wonderful thing… But it can also be the blogger’s worst enemy. The internet is rife with distraction for bloggers. Even if you’ve followed this home office guide and arranged your workspace for maximum productivity, there’s literally a world of distraction at your fingertips. Fortunately, whatever your preferred browser, there are plugins that will help you avoid distraction, restricting your access to social media and other time sapping distractions.

Writer’s block

There’s nothing quite so frustrating as writer’s block. Sitting staring at a blank screen as your deadline grows ever closer has proven the nemesis of many a creative mind. Fortunately, writer’s block is fairly easy to overcome. The first thing you need to do is get out! Take a walk, close to nature if possible. The movement and fresh air will help to restore your cognitive function. If that fails, get back in front of your computer and just write. Write anything. Just let a stream of consciousness cascade from your fingertips. Even if what you write is total garbage, it should help to ease your creative block.


Bloggers, along with most social media users, often find themselves the victims of phishing scams. The more you put your name and face out there, the more people have an opportunity to try to assume your image for all kinds of nefarious ends. You can reduce the risk of phishing by being careful about what kind of personal information you put on your blog. Blogging under an alias and withholding important personal information such as where you live or your partner’s name.


As your blog grows more and more successful, it will draw attention from a wide range of readers… Unfortunately this may also draw the wrong kind of attention. Unfortunately the pseudo anonymity afforded by the internet enables people to reach out to bloggers in a whole range of inappropriate and malicious ways. If someone is making personal or malicious comments on your comments section or your social media feed always block and report them. Don’t let their bile prevent you from steering your blog to success and prosperity.

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