The Young Entrepreneur’s Guide To Manufacturing

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When we think of manufacturing, we tend to picture enormous, mega companies. We imagine giant warehouses, and factories on a large scale. There are certainly plenty of those about. However, there’s a new breed of entrepreneurs who are making a mark on manufacturing. Thanks to modern innovations like 3D printing, it’s now easier than ever for small companies to make an impact. In fact, there is a rising tide of young entrepreneurs building a whole new model in manufacturing. As a student, it’s the perfect time to start exploring this option.


The real key here is design. Young entrepreneurs seem to have a new lease of life when it comes to design. They have grown up with computer programs, and specialist design software. It puts them in a uniquely skilled position to take designs further than ever before. It means that entrepreneurs can complete a professional design without outside help. The design stage is particularly important in manufacturing, and often forms the backbone of the product.


Again, this was a process that was typically out of reach for most fledgling entrepreneurs. You’d need to hire expensive experts to help bring a design to life. Now, however, startups are using 3D printers to create their initial prototype. These fantastic machines are now incredibly affordable, and they’re efficient to boot. You can have a full scale prototype printed in less than a day. That’s brilliant news for small businesses and creative startups. It cuts out the long and expensive process that was previously closed off.

Material handling

Material handling is the series of short movements made in manufacturing. It’s the art of swiftly moving components and products through an assembly line. You’ll see material handling taking place in warehouses, factories, and distribution centres. Even at a small level, it pays to understand how this process works as you’ll scale up. There are so many factors to consider as you grow into this full scale manufacturing operation. The team at CCTY Bearing are experts in material handling, and provide customizable parts for the process. It’s always worth thinking ahead, and starting to make those connections.

Flexible manufacture

Small businesses and startups are in a unique position in the manufacturing industry. They have the ability to work in a flexible and efficient way. They can keep quality high, and costs low. The old giants of industry are certainly efficient. But, no-one could call them flexible! In comparison, your small manufacturing business is a speed boat to their cruise liner. Fast, efficient, and able to quickly change direction. The manufacturing process demands flexibility, and you can make that happen.


Distribution is the last part of the manufacturing supply chain. It’s crucial that you keep the efficiency at its highest level right up until the last moment. Distribution means getting your goods out to the right people, at the right time. At this point, it’s usually worth speaking to a logistics company to handle the tricky aspects.

It’s never been a better time to start a small manufacturing business. Young people are uniquely positioned to take this industry to the next level.

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