Like it? Share it! is text link brokering service which helps advertisers and publishers buy and sell text links much like TextLinkAds and similar sites, however, TNX is a bit different.

Like the other networks out there, TNX displays text links on publisher’s websites through an ad code. Unlike the other services out there, TNX takes the approach of selling their links by individual page and not for the whole site.

TNX is also different from TLA and others because they deal in TNX points rather than actual money. Yet if you want, you can exchange your points in for money. The point system works for both sides of the fence – advertisers and publishers. Advertisers purchase points before being able to place ads and publishers receive TNX points when ads are placed on their site, and like I mentioned, they can then be traded for actual cash. The attractive part of this system is that it allows publishers to purchase a bunch of points and then use only a certain amount for different ads to see which are producing the best results and also to save some points for later on, say for a different campaign.

As a publisher of ads you have the ability to control the ads that are displayed on your sites pretty easily within the account control panel. Publishers can block ads, delete different ones from pages, or you could even ban a website that is advertising on your site – this is happening a lot because of a lot of different spam and wares sites that are getting their ads displayed.

If you do get into the game of earning a lot of points and transferring them to cash, watch out for their payout system that only allows you to withdrawal up to a certain amount of your points per day.

If you are looking for a new text link ad website to try out on your website to make some money from, check out TNX. Their different approach to the whole game may provide to be an advantage for you. If you have a decent sized site with a good page rank, your payout per page should be pretty decent. And then if you have hundreds or thousands of pages indexed, then you can easily start to rack up some decent side income from your site for having a small text link ad displayed wherever you would want on your website.

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