Top Affiliate Challenge Thoughts and Feelings

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Now that all the episodes of the Top Affiliate Challenge have launched and since I have seen them, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and review of the show.

Starting out, I felt like everyone else – like it was a cheap production, horribly put together, and just junky all around. However, as a lot of comments started flowing throughout the blogosphere and people were sharing their feelings, the show started producers started to react and change the way the show was put together.

Monica Durazo, the main host, seemed very uncomfortable with the camera and her script at the very beginning. As the first couple episodes aired, you could tell there was a progression and it has ended a lot better than the start – so congrats to you, Monica, for that!

The actual show episodes themselves were not put together very well in the beginning of the show. There were times when they reshot Monica reading her script but didn’t cut it out of the episode, the transitions from scene to scene were pretty choppy and bad. Now by the time we got to the last episode, the curling page corner transition has become the signiture scene change, which was been fine.

The main thing that I didn’t like about the show in the first few episodes was that it was not actually teaching anything to anyone. None of the contestants wanted to say much of what they were doing because they knew the competition was going to watch it the next day and there was not much actual focus on what the contestants were doing to make the money. During the middle of the season they started doing differen sessions such as One on One with Wes Wyatt and Share Something in 60 Seconds with Jonathan Ryan. These sessions in the episodes really turned the whole show around in my opinion. Over the last 3 days I have watched the last 5 episodes and feel like for the first time that I have been able to learn something from the show and found myself writing down different notes after watching the show.

As the show has progressed towards crowning a Top Affiliate, you can tell that the whole show (production, crew, contestants, etc) have professed a lot as well.

So, I actually look forward to seeing what happens with Season Two of the show. If you saw the last episode, you will know that they will be doing recruiting for the second show in Janurary so I am guessing it will be a full year until the next one comes live.

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