Understanding Branding for your Small Business

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Via HomeOfficeVoice:

A brand is so much more than your well-researched business name, a flashy logo, your well-designed letterhead and that stylish business card. No, a brand is all that and more.

I’m no brand expert and I will not pretend to be one here, so … instead, I’ve roamed the vast expanses of the Internet and come up with a bunch of articles, definitions and ideas that will make you into a branding expert.

It’s a read … but I recommend all those serious about making their home business (heck, any business for that matter!) last for the long-term to take the time and to really understand what branding is all about.

This article is a great one for those looking to expand your knowledge on small business branding and getting your business/organization/website/self/whatever more known.

Check out the full article over at HomeOfficeVoice!

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