Use ‘Get Paid To’ Sites to Make Money During A Recession

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In tough economic times like that of which we are experiencing today, coming into 2009, everyone is looking for extra ways to make some side money or even a very lucrative side income.  This is especially true for students and young entrepreneurs, or any internet entrepreneur. For those that focus on working with affiliate marketing and affiliate offers, conversions may be down and earnings may have dropped a little bit. For those focusing in other areas of the make money online arena, you could also be hurting.

One way to pick yourself of by the bootstaps and make a little bit of extra money is by using GPT sites or Get Paid To sites. Get Paid To sites, or GPT as I will continue to use, are sites where you sign up and then complete different offers. These could be entering your email address at a site or signing up for a free trial of Netflix or taking a survey. In return for signing up or completig an opportunity, you get paid. Now, the payment can range in amount from 25 cents to $20 or more. There are many websites out there that you can use to do this, but one of the best that I have had only amazing experiences with is CashCrate. CashCrate has been absolutely awesome for me.

Here is how it works.

CashCrate has a very wide range of offers and opportunities to participate in. Many are 100% free to participate and some have a cost associated with them. Those that have a cost may be around $1 – $5 which would cover the shipping of a product or sample to you. However, in return for signing up and paying the shipping charge, you could get paid $15 for completing the offer. Here is an example: because I use eBay a lot, I’m always looking for new product sources. CashCrate was promoting an opportunity to sign up for a free trial at a website that offered tips and resources for selling on eBay, including a wholesale product area. The cost to me was $1.95 to sign up for the “free trial” but in return, CashCrate deposited $15 into my account. The trial period lasts 7 days and I will call today to cancel my account so that I do not start getting charged the monthly fee. $13.50 for 5 minutes of work, I’ll take it. The great part is that there are tens of offers like these that you can sign up for. You could easily sign up for 5 of these offers that have a similar payout ($15) and make around $60 for a half hour worth of work.

There are also TONS of completely free offers. The payout is not as large, somewhere from 25 cents to a couple bucks. However, if you have the free time while at home or at work and take 20 minutes to participate in a few of them, you can easily add an addtional $10 to your account in one night.

Here’s a hypothetical situation added up:

  • 5 offers with payouts of $15, cost of $1.95 each. Earnings = $65.25
  • 10 offers with payouts of $0.30. Earnings = $3.00
  • 5 offers with payouts of $0.50. Earnings = $2.50

Total time spent at most: 2 hours
Total earnings: $70.75
Hourly Rate: $35.37

I’d say that is a pretty good hourly rate! Now, the best part is, you can do this everyday! CashCrate pays out monthly as long as you meet the minimum earnings of $20.00. Repeat the process just 5 times a month and you drop an extra $350+ into your pocket.

There are people who earn a full time living from sites like CashCrate! All you have to do is spend the time to continuously complete the offers and wait for them to get cleared and deposited in your account. Then at the end of each month you collect a check for your time!

Now, here’s another added bonus to the site.

CashCrate has a great affiliate program. You can refer as many people as possible to the site. If they sign up and start earning money, you also earn money! The first level of commissions for 1-50 referrals is 20%. You’ll also earn an additional $3.00 per referral that signs up and earns $10.00 through the site, ON TOP OF the 20% commission. So even if all you do is promote the system and refer your friends and people to sign up for the site, without completing any offers yourself, you can still make money. I’ve read about some other small bloggers who have referred a couple hundred people and make over $1000 a month in JUST referral commissions.

So, if times are tough for you or your just looking to put a little extra money in your pocket, I suggest you sign up for CashCrate and give it a shot. I mean you really have nothing to loose if you participate in the free offers and within 20 minutes you could reach your $10 mark and an hour you can get to the $20 minimum payout.

At the end or beginning of each month when I do a montly income report for Dorm Room Biz, you will start to see CashCrate popping more more and more and being a part of the income. That’s because I am going to be utilizing the site more and taking advantage of the opportunity! “There’s money to be made in them there hills!”

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  1. Mike January 12, 2009 at 10:52 am #

    Not bad, sounds interesting. Now to even make this better, you can outsource a “Data Entry” person at $3.33/hour to fill out these forms and trials for you – so they are actually earning you money, for pennies on the dollar. Why have YOURSELF do it when you can have someone else do it FOR YOU while your working or sleeping – and still pay them their requested amount. BRILLIANT!


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