What do you think of the Dorm Room Biz design?

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The new theme has been launched for about a month now and so far the response is good about the new design from those who I have asked.

What do you, the readers, think? I am curious if you like it, hate the colors, think it is missing something, needs more images, etc.

Please let me know so that I can make this site that much better for you and continue to grow a great  resource!

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One Response to What do you think of the Dorm Room Biz design?

  1. Rashid August 1, 2007 at 10:58 am #

    hey Chris,

    I definitely like the color scheme and the minimalist feel is great. As a newcomer to this blog, I found it easy to scan the index page and navigation was a no problem. I would work on a logo for your site and maybe adding a menu bar at the top. Other than that, good job.

    I would appreciate it if you could let me know what you think of my current layout. I’ve been working on redesigning a new one, but its taking me longer than expected. Any input would be great!

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