What only $5 a day from Adsense!

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I was just reading a good article from over at Six Figure Blog (…not to be confused with Six Figure Blogging) and found it interesting and relative to my success with using Google AdSense.

I love making money – not for its own sake but for what it can bring which is more freedom for myself and my family. Its easy to become disheartened as I do sometimes when the adsense income on one of my blogs or website is languishing at around $4 or $5 a day.

I am usually lucky if I can make $5 a month via AdSense, yet this is only because of slacking on my part to be able to properly promote the advertisments on my websites and by also not having the ads on websites that would give higher payouts per click then they currently do on my blogs and websites.

Check it out and also take a look at the link supplied to The Internet Cash Flow Guy, another good website!

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