What’s your type?

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From Entreprenur.com HomeBiz:

Does personality matter in becoming a successful entrepreneur? Recent studies say yes, successful entrepreneurs share a number of common personality traits, and these traits are the predominant indicators of their success-outweighing education, family ties, skills and experience. Moreover, people who choose business ventures that are in sync with their true personalities tend to experience the greatest level of success and fulfillment.

Every personality type–and therefore, every person–has the potential to grow a successful business. You just need to determine the right opportunity. Self-awareness guides us in understanding what’s needed to bridge the gap between who we are and what the opportunity requires.

A great article and read to get you thinking about what type of business venture may be best for you. If you check the article out, be sure to go through all three pages and don’t just stop at the end of the first page!

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