When To Ask For Perks

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As an employee, you may be wondering when to ask for perks from your employer. No one is going to see the progress you’ve made during your career in a similar way as you do. Although you may hesitate to ask, doing so will remind your employer that you’re serious about the progress of the company and the quality of input. Here are some things you should consider before deciding to confront the employer:

1. Make sure the company isn’t in transition mode

If the company you work for is going through a transition, it may not be the ideal time to ask for a perk. This is the time when everyone may be given additional duties to handle, and even though you’ve done well all along, it’s best to wait till the company’s operations get back to normal flow.

2. Look around

The difference between getting the perk approved or denied depends on your preparation of the request. You can prepare by looking around and seeing what other employees have been doing. Have they made similar progress to you? Have they asked for a perk? The answers to these questions would help you to get prepared before you present your case.

3. Talk to your employer

Employees often make a mistake going directly to the employer and asking for a perk based on their own assessment. However, talking to the employer in advance about where the company stands at the moment and have you added any value to the company. This will provide you an idea about the situation of the company and the chances of the perk getting approved or denied.

4. Practice

Employees should practice when they prepare to ask for a perk. Practicing the pitch would help you to become comfortable while you make your case. For the purpose, you can ask a friend to play the role of your employer. Practicing would also increase confidence levels, increasing your chances to land that perk.

5. Know what to ask for

Employees may get confused when asking for perks. Knowing what to ask for in advance would increase the chances of approval. However, being limited to a single option may backfire. You should have 2-3 options for perks. For example, the first option could be to ask for a company car. There are many companies that deal in company cars such as BMW of Towson. The second option could be flexible working hours.

6. Choose the right time

When asking for a perk, knowing the right time is very important. Employees should understand the chances of approval are raised if the case is presented at the right time. If the employer is going through a personal problem or is distracted from some other reason, he/she won’t be paying full attention to when you talk. Therefore, employees should pick the best time to make a request.

If you’re worried that asking for a perk may put your job at risk or may piss of the employer, there is no reason to be. If you know you’ve accomplished something, it will act as your warrant when you make the request.

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