Why Traditional Marketing is Dead

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Via Small Business Branding:

Before we celebrate the death of traditional marketing, lets set the stage for its timely and fortunate demise.

The long-awaited Iraqi election is over, and I wonder how many people realize the significance of such an event. Millions of human beings – who suffered at the hands of a brutal, murderous dictator just two years ago – have collectively and freely CHOSEN their own leaders. A new day has truly dawned in the Middle East.

Tomorrow and each day forward, an Iraqi government of the people, by the people and for the people tackles the long arduous work of crafting a culture where all human beings are imbued with equal respect and value. A culture where people are free to question and criticize their leaders without fear of being jailed, having an extremity lopped off or a family member raped or beaten. A culture where discussion, discourse and debate is not only allowed, but is viewed as imperative to one’s way of life. A culture in which people are free to learn, evolve and transcend their estate, and thereby make more of their life than the circumstances of their birth might otherwise allow.

You can read the rest of the article over at Small Business Branding.

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