Why You May Need To Improve Your E-Commerce Site Now

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Buying a ready made e-commerce website has never been easier. Admittedly they all look and function in a similar way, but you can be up and running by the end of the day. This is great for you. You can pounce on that burst of entrepreneur energy and channel your enthusiasm directly into your e-business launch. You can be selling stock you hold, drop shipping stock, or even be ready to take orders for your own manufacturing in a very quick turnaround.

The speed of these services frees you up to get on with your marketing. You need to set up your content, and get your social media campaigns running. Other tasks include making sure your online banking and check out providers are ready to start working for you. Get any newsletters primed and ready to be released to your new customers. For any new business, there is plenty to do, and hardly any time to do it, so wherever you can save your precious time is good.

Over time, however, as the customers start coming, you may find that your traffic rate is far exceeding your transaction rate. This is where you need to start thinking about improving your conversions. If you are doing everything right to bring traffic to your landing pages, but then they leave your site without delving any deeper into other pages, you need to think about why. The point of them coming to your website is so you can make a sale. Without the sales, you have no business, and all the traffic in the world isn’t going to make a difference. You need to convert visitors into customers, and you need to do it now.

You need to get someone on board which specializes in conversion optimization services. They will be able to question your website visitors to find out why they didn’t stay with your site. This will enhance the website traffic reports and provide you with quality data to determine what is wrong. It may be time you fine tuned your website away from the white label template. You want to improve the customer shopping experience, and you want to convince your visitors to buy from you. First you need to find out why they aren’t.

Once you can build a picture of what the problems are, you can start planning and strategizing your solutions. It may simply be a lack of direction on the page, or you may need to provide simpler check-out facilities. Whatever the cause, you can fix it, but not until you have understood why it isn’t working. Delve deeper into your website and check your customers can navigate easily and find the information they want in two clicks or less. Make sure they feel they are secure when handing over payment details. Ensure your website automates an order confirmation and thank you email to round off the purchase experience. Run some test purchases through your site when you have finished making the changes to be sure you don’t need any more fine-tuning. Now enjoy the benefits of a better conversion rate.

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