Your Customers Will Hate Your Company If You Neglect These Areas

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Customers are quite fickle, and it doesn’t take much for them to think, hm maybe I should buy from somewhere else? If they feel like you have let them down in some way, this is virtually a guarantee. Next time they buy a product or service that you offer, they will be on the hunt for a new business. So, what type of issues can make customers turn their back on your business.

Poor Customer Support

Believe it or not, a problem with a product or service that you offer won’t lose you a customer. Particularly, if you already have a history of delivering an excellent service in the past. They’ll forgive you as long as you handle their issue effectively. The problems arrive when you either ignore that customer or handle their problem poorly. We think that a lot of business owners or customer service teams forget the customer is always right in instances like this. If you fail to deliver a product that was ordered there should be more than a cancellation email. If you deliver a product that is broken or damaged, a replacement should be arranged immediately. That’s how you’ll keep the customers. Something going wrong isn’t an issue as long as you do everything you can to fix it.

Terrible Packaging And Deliveries

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that customers absolutely hate products that arrive in poor condition. This is becoming more common because a lot of businesses are now using outsourcing services for deliveries. This isn’t an issue in itself. It’s only a problem if the outsourcing company is providing a poor quality of service. For instance, some outsourcing delivering teams now use private drivers. These drivers don’t have to provide a contact number so customers can track their delivery. Therefore they can be quite unreliable to the point where serious issues arise. Packages can be damaged, lost or left in unsafe places.

You need to think about packaging as well. If you’re delivering products that are easily bent or damage such as paper, you need to protect them. The best way is with solid packaging that you can buy from a postal tube supplier.

Awful Issues With Security

Lastly you need to think about security. There is no faster way to lose customers than not to provide suitable security. For instance, you might deal with a case of theft in your company. If that’s the case, the thieves will most likely be seeking customer information. Info that they can then use to commit fraud and steal from their accounts. In this case, you’re not the victim, your customers are. If that’s the situation you might thank your lucky stars. But remember anything that happens to your customer will have a knock on effect for your company. Eventually, they will discover your business was the source of the fraud. Do you think that they’ll buy from you again after that? It doesn’t matter what you sell. A lot of businesses have lost loyal customers due to neglecting security.

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