3 Ways to Boost Your Sales For The First Time Bar Owner

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Deciding that you want to increase your bar sales is easy, but deciding where to start is another matter entirely. Rather than going through a period of trial and error, it’s much more efficient to instead start boosting your sales the right way. There are three tips in particular that you’ll want to keep at the forefront of your boosting strategy – get more ideas at Buzztimebusiness.com.buzztime

1. Upsell and Cross Sell

Upselling is one of the absolute best ways to increase your sales without having to bring in more customers. Upselling is essentially encouraging a guest to upgrade their purchase. For instance, if a guest orders a mixed drink, have your bartenders suggest a top shelf liquor rather than whatever’s in the well. Top shelf liquors might cost more, but they usually taste better. The key with upselling and cross selling is to not be too aggressive or desperate. Simply make the suggestion, show the customer the value in the decision, and let them take it from there.

With cross selling, you’re essentially pairing food with drink. If a guest orders a dish, ask if they’d like a glass of wine or a cocktail that would complement it. What this does is add to their adding experience and introduce guests to something new.

2. Concentrate on Your Staff

Utilize your bartenders and bar staff for the resource they are. What this means is making sure that your bartenders are well trained to sell drinks and deliver the unique service that your bar is known for. All of your bartenders should be knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Your bar staff won’t be able to recommend drink and food pairings if they aren’t familiar with the drink and food menu. Not only should your bar staff be well trained, they should also be well awarded for their dedication and good work. Hold contests to get your staff excited and motivated to increase their sales. Make sure the prize is something that your employees actually want and are willing to do their best for.

3. Have a Daily Special

With a daily special you’ll have something for your guests to look forward to and something new to try out. If guests know that your bar has one of the best Thursday specials in the area, they’re more likely to spend their time and money in your bar as opposed to anywhere else. Something else to think about is that these daily specials might encourage your guests to spend more. Ask your customers what kinds of drinks and specials they like and take their suggestions into consideration. A happy customer is a loyal customer.

One of the great things about having specials is that you really don’t have to spend any money on them. All you have to do is think about which ingredients you’d like to get rid of or try out and include them with the special.

Boosting your bar sales is only as difficult as you make it. The key is to not over think it and to always keep your bar guests in mind. What would you want when you come to a bar? Ask your employees for suggestions since they work so closely with your guests and can have valuable insight that you might not.

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