Modeling New Curricula

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Teachers are always looking for better curricula to use with their students, and the search for this material never ends. Anyone can become a better psychology teacher when they are using the right materials, but these materials must come in a form that works for the students, too. The model for a quality lesson and unit should have all the items listed below.

The Lecture

The lecture portion of every class should convey a small set of information for the students. Students are taking multiple classes in school, and they need to be given a finite bit of information that the can retain until the next class. These lectures materials are often found inside the curriculum materials so the teacher can read straight from them.

The Discussion

These lessons plans offer time for the students to discuss what they have just heard in class. Students who are allowed to discuss the material from a lecture are more likely to remember the material. Also, these discussions will clarify questions for the students when they are too afraid to ask

The Assessments

The assessments for every lesson should be different. Students can get burned out on assessments quickly, and the same assessment can become too predictable. Students who are given multiple ways to show what they have learned are more likely to remember the information. Also, students who feel that they can benefit from one assessment or another will feel much better about their overall progress.

The Units

The units that are used should make sense as they progress during the year. A unit is a grouping of several lessons, but the units cannot be too long. Students will become bored with a unit that lasts too long, and the teacher may feel that they are repeating themselves too much. Lessons of a proper length help teachers and students to stay engaged with the material.

The best curriculum for students is the curriculum that gives them flexibility. Students should feel free to discuss the topics they have learned in class. Students should have more than one way to show they have learned the material, and all students should feel engaged in a succinct curriculum.

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