8 SEO Tips to Get You Started Marketing Your Website

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When it comes to SEO, many experts don’t actually want to share the methods behind their success, because if their tricks become common knowledge, where’s their personal edge in the game? The good news is that they can’t bury their knowledge forever. Here, in fact, are eight of their biggest secrets.

1: Lead With Your Keywords

Your introduction is the single most important part of your piece. Why? Because most search engines will only show your first few sentences in their results. Your keywords should be included in your post/update/content right off the bat.

2: Facebook Isn’t Enough

Facebook should be the bare minimum of your social media presence. You should be ubiquitous on every platform even slightly relevant to your industry, like Instagram for artistic fields, Tumblr for the younger crowd, YouTube for video content production, et cetera.

3: Take Advantage of Pingbacks

Pingbacks will let you know where other people are linking and discussing your posts. You can use this information to tweak your keywords according to the most popular and talked-about portions of your content.

4: Know What’s Trending

What are people talking about right now? What are they putting into search engines? What keywords will bring them to your site instead of someone else’s? Stay on-trend by following Twitter’s most popular hashtags or the topics covered by Domo blog posts.

5: Aim Low

You aren’t going to overtake the results on page one by directly challenging their niche. For example, if you run a nutritional blog, “healthy eating” isn’t going to be the keyword that draws in the crowds. Try something more specific, like “healthy smoothies” or “healthy gluten-free desserts,” and then build your empire from there.

6: Don’t Overdo It

Ever heard the phrase too much of a good thing? The perfect keyword density is somewhere between three and five percent. If you over-stuff your content with your keywords, not only will its quality suffer, but your audience will realize what’s happening and think you care more about SEO than the actual topic.

7: Interlink Everything

Since search engines determine page rankings based on linkage, you should be increasing that number however possible, even if it’s just linking to yourself across your own website. For example, don’t ever tell someone to use the back button; physically link them to the other page.

8: Image Text Matters

If you aren’t including your keywords in both the file names and alt tags of your images, you’re missing two easy and effective SEO opportunities.

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